Affordable Quality Individualized Walks for your Furry Family Member!

By keeping you up to date and informed regarding the well-being of your dog during my visit, you are assured peace of mind at a very affordable price. You’ll get pictures and text messages while I’m there so you can share in the fun!


Dog Walking:

  • can be one on one or in a group (your choice).
  • for all breeds, all sizes and ages.
  • experienced working with large and young dogs.
  • includes topping off or refilling the water bowl if needed.

  • Walking your dog for Potty Breaks: A nice walk so your pup can relieve him or her self, stretch his or her legs outside, enjoy the fresh air and get some love and attention. $10  

  • Walking your dog for Exercise: Walks for exercise are structured around your goals for your dog and your dog’s personality and energy level. They can include a ride to an open area for off-leash running, play and/or socialization as well. Your pooch will return happier, healthier, and more relaxed.  $15

Please note: Travel charges vary, depending on your location. (Fairhaven:$3 travel charge; Acushnet, New Bedford, Mattapoisett: $5 travel charge; Marion, Dartmouth: $10 travel charge; please call for charge for all other locations.)