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Dogs Stay Here at P.A.C. (my HOME!)

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Your dog will be happy after a day with the other dogs at Pasa’s home!

  • Not a kennel or doggy daycare “facility.” 
  • One-on-one, individualized attention and basic training included.
  • SMALL pack socialization, exercise, learning and play for your dog in a home environment. 
  • Peace of mind for you knowing your pup is safe, happy and healthy in a loving home!
  • Pictures and messages sent to your phone or email! 
  • See more on my Facebook page!

**PLEASE NOTE: Dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs. Dogs that show any form of aggression (mounting, barking at another dog or person for an extended period of time, growling, excessive jumping on or mouthing the other dogs, etc.) will be separated either temporarily or permanently depending on the situation. Very aggressive acts (lunging at or biting a human or other dog) will result in the dog being separated permanently and dismissed as a PAC mate as soon as the owner is able to get the dog. We do accept dogs that have not been “fixed,” but certain accommodations (separation from the PAC or certain PAC members, etc.) may need to be made, and are up to the discretion of PAC.

Prices for dogs at P.A.C.


Daily Dog-Care at my Home (up to 10 hours, between 7a.m. and 6 p.m.)

  • $20


Overnight Dog Care/ Dog Boarding in my Home (up to 24 hours; Drop off and pick up between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Additional daily charge after 24 hours)

  • $25/ night on Monday through Thursday nights
  • $ 30/ night on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights

Custom care is available for those of you who may have unusual schedules; Give me a call to discuss options.

“Due tReferral by Sharae B. from New Bedford, MAo our busy schedules we needed to find someone to care for our energetic dog during the day. I came across Pasa online and it was a great choice. Pasa does an awesome job with Sophie and gives her the best care. Sophie gets all the exercise and socialization she needs to be a
great dog. The change we have noticed in Sophie since seeing Pasa is remarkable. I also appreciate the daily photos sent of Sophie, and Pasa’s flexible schedule. Pasa will even pick up and drop off Sophie from our home when needed. There have been times where we needed care for our dog on the weekend and sure enough Pasa agreed to stay with Sophie. Pasa has welcomed Sophie into her home and treats her as if she were her own. “

Referral by Sharae B. from New Bedford, MA

DOG-WASH: Incorporate a wash with a fun-day. Your pup will come back happy, tired, clean and smelling good! Awe… So nice!

  • $40 for a double wash with shampoo, brushing and de-shedding, and blow-drying your dog, and cleaning your dog’s ears, teeth, bum, and sheeth. 
    • Nail trimming is an additional $5, with a wash, or $10 when done as a separate service

Pasa Miller has a degree in Applied Animal Science, is a certified dog trainer through Karen Pryor Academy, is a Pet Sitters International Professional Pet Sitter , and is fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates. She also would love to meet you and discuss options for caring for your pet or pets, and other animals. Give her a call.

Conveniently located 1.5 mi. off of Rte. 195 (Exit 18) on Rte. 6 in Fairhaven, MA

Call or Text Pasa at Pasa’s Animal Care at 508-525-6272 and set up a FREE meet and greet with you and your pooch (or pooches) here at P.A.C., no strings attached.2016-11-04 20.53.46

A nice supervised home environment for your dog to come to while you are away.

Transportation can be arranged in advance and provided by Pasa’s Pet Taxi…

  • Pasa offers door to door service  21531
  • …so you don’t have to rush around and get dirty with the dog before work. Pasa will pick up your pup.
  • …so you don’t have to drive here exhausted after a long day. Pasa will drop off your pup at home.
  • …so you don’t have to worry about a dirty or scratched car.
  • …so your dog can see the sites and enjoy the ride in Pasa’s Pet Taxi.