Farm Animal Care can be tough but rewarding. Give a call if you need help while you’re away, or help while you’re there.



  • Hay/ Grain/ Feed/ Water
  • Turn out/ Let in/ Shut barn
  • Walk, lunge, jog, exercise (horses, etc.)
  • Load/ Stack hay bales
  • Muck stalls/ clean cages/ poop-scoop outside areas
  • Collect eggs
  • Water/ Weed/ Upkeep Gardens (Pick Rocks)


Why trust me for your Farm Animals’ Care?

I wouldn’t trust just anybody into my home, especially when I’m away. I’m sure you feel the same way, so here is a little about me…

  • I grew up on a small family farm in Oakham, MA and have bred, trained, raised, and cared for all types of small and large farm animals. (cows, horses, ponies, pigs, ducks, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, and of course lots of cats and dogs on the farm.)
  • I showed both horses and cows, raised small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, etc.), pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens. I worked off my riding lessons at the local stable by mucking stalls and taking care of their horses. I loved 4-H and Girl Scouts.
  • As a teen my parents expanded to a dairy farm in NY. I went to college and got my Associate’s Degree in Applied Animal Science from S.U.N.Y. Agricultural at Cobleskill where I specialized in Equestrian Studies.
  • While attending Salem International University (WV) to get my Bachelor’s in Science Education, my work study included training the incoming Arabian broodmares to ride. (I had a dog, 2 cats, 6 ft. boa, iguana, cockateil, ferret, and raised rats while living off campus)
  • I taught science for 18 years in the city and ran a small animal care business and dog-sitting company called Little Doggies’ College on the side
  • I am independent contractor and I am fully insured as a Professional Pet Sitter, which includes large animals. You don’t have to concern yourself about insurance, taxes, etc.
  • I have references. My clients have agreed to answer questions about my integrity, professionalism, work ethic, and compassion for animals. Just ask!
  • I LOVE when I get the opportunity to care for farm animals!
  • In addition to animal care I love gardening. I’ d be happy to help you with your garden as an additional service.



The services I offer are customized to meet your needs.

A free meet’n greet at your place will guide us as to what I’ll charge.

Take a look at the prices for Pet-Sitting and At Home Animal Care here on this website for other services to get an idea of pricing.

I am quite affordable, and sometimes that extra helping hand can be priceless!

Give me a text or call at 508-525-6272 and we can meet, no strings attached.  Thanks! -Pasa