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  • Pasa Miller is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter, KPA Dog Trainer, holds an Associates Degree in Applied Animal Science, and has lifelong experience breeding, raising, showing and training animals (farm animals, horses, dogs and cats, caged “small” animals, birds, exotic, aquatic, and “wild” animals). She is fully insured. She loves what she does. Her goal is to exceed your needs.



  • in your own home (or hotel room, cottage, etc.)…
  • Pasa’s Animal Care is located in Fairhaven, MA and services all surrounding towns including (but not limited to) New Bedford, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Marion, Fall River, Dartmouth, and Rochester

WHY hire a pet sitter?photo 4

  • The most familiar and comfortable place for your pets is usually right in their own home. Pasa’s Animal Care makes your life easier. Pasa will meticulously attend to, care for, and clean up after your pets so you can spend time enjoying their company. In addition to caring for your animals, plant, garden, and yard upkeep can be provided.

WHENever you want: One day or every day; In advance or short notice. Give me a call/text and help is on the way! Pasa’s cell: 508-525-6272


  • Great for all animals and their busy owners! One short meeting in advance, and you’re covered any time you need a pet tank
  • Whether you are working long days or going on a long vacation, Pasa’s got you covered.
  • Want me to clean the bird cages and litter box while you relax? No problem!
  • The More the Merrier! Multi-animal homes gladly accommodated, often for no extra cost.
  • For animal owners who want an experienced animal care professional who loves animals and is knowledgeable, mature, trustworthy and reliable, as well as flexible and affordable.

No worries: Communication with you via texts and pictures sent to your phone during each visit!DOG LCKS CAT

Quick and Easy: After the initial meeting or phone call, you can set up home animal care and pet sitting visits simply by texting, emailing, or calling.

Please feel free to request animal care services not listed on this site and I will do my best to accommodate you.



  • Check up on the well being of your animals
  • Feed and fill water for your animals
  • Potty break for your dogs/ Let your dogs or cats in the house
  • Communication with you via texts and pictures sent to your phone at the time of service!


  • Includes all services for Basic Care (above) PLUS…
  • Scoop Kitty Litter Box


  • Includes all services for Basic Care (above) PLUS…2014-07-25 14.57.01-1
  • Clean Kitty Litter Box, Animal Tanks/ Cages, and/ or Poop-Scoop Yard


  • Includes all services for the Care and Clean (above) PLUS…
  • 30 minutes of Custom time (Playing, Walking, Basic Training, Car Ride… Your Choice!)

*Love and attention is free!